Trip Information


What should I bring?

All fishing supplies are included with your trip, however if you want to bring your own
equipment, that would be fine as well. Pack a lunch for yourself and some drinks too, there is plenty of
storage available on board. Fish can be filleted and bagged with a little ice, upon request or fish can be
released to fight another day shortly after a photo is taken. Sunscreen and a hat is recommended,
especially on those real hot and sunny days.

What trip should I choose?

  • 5 Hr Trip – For beginner through advanced fisherman that want to spend some time
    on the water with friends and family to catch fish, but not be out there all day. This trip allows scouting out
    local and offshore waters in search of the big catch!
  • 8 hr Trip – For fisherman that love to fish and can never get enough of it. This trip allows for the fisherman to put some serious time in hunting down those trophy’s. More fish and bigger
    fish come with this trip.
  • Open Boat – For fisherman that want to join others to fish on any given day.  All you have to do is call (631-974-4933) to see if an open boat is available for the day you want to fish.  Rates for the day will be determined by number of fisherman and length of fishing trip.  Call or email for availability and/or put your name on reservation for future open boat trips (5hr or EXTENDED TRIPS).

How many people can go fishing?

Captain Fish Port Jefferson recommends 2-4 fisherman per trip. We can accommodate more,
up to 6, but to enhance your trip, fewer is better.

Weather and cancellation policy

Fishing is a weather-dependent activity and all weather conditions will be considered for the
scheduled trip that day. Your captain will be closely watching the weather forecast as your trip
approaches. Wind, waves, rain and lightning can make your trip too dangerous and not productive fish
catching days. Weather changes rapidly and in order to get the most accurate report, sometimes a
decision is not made until the night before or even the morning of your trip. Evening trips will be decided earlier that same
day. Captain makes the final decision on trip departure. If weather conditions turn for the worse and your trip has to return early, compensation for the time lost will be given.Any trip cancelled by CAPTAIN due to weather or mechanical reasons will be rescheduled, no refunds applied

In general, there are Two Trips Daily, morning and afternoon.  Fishing is best when you fish the tides, when the water is moving and with this
understanding your trip will be planned. Your captain will find the best times to fish by using local tide charts and also considering wind direction and velocity. Your captain will advise you and together will agree upon a time to start the trip.

How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, first email, text or phone the captain. You can find this contact information on the Contact page and bottom right of 1st page of this website. Once contact is established with the captain and an agreement has been met with regard to trip selection and date/time, a deposit needs to be put down on the trip to reserve time/date. A non refundable $350 deposit is required (rescheduling if cancelled) in advance to secure your private charter and can be paid in person as cash, mailed as check or Credit Card over the phone. Balance of your private charter can be paid at anytime, up until the departure of the boat on your scheduled trip date/time. If your trip is canceled because of weather condition, your deposit will be credited to a rescheduled trip that is scheduled within the next 12 monthsOpen boat trips can be paid at the beginning of the trip on the day of the open boat charter in the form of cash only.

Where can I park my vehicle?

Town of Brookhaven (non residents) – There is a Town parking lot just east of the Port Jefferson Boat Launch and just west of the Port Jefferson ferries.   As you face the water from the Port Jefferson Boat Launch, to the right (east), there is town parking for non residents for a $25 fee for the day, purchased online only. Non resident are encouraged to park in the Danford Inn’s parking lot or any other numerous metered parking spots throughout port Jefferson, where there are parking meters for 25 cents per 30 min (credit cards accepted as well in these meters).  $3.50 for 7hrs of parking or $5.00 for 10hrs of parking.
(see map)

Town of Brookhaven (residents) – There is town parking for everyone with no fee (residents with stickers) or a $5 fee (resident without sticker) for the day at the Town of Brookhaven parking lot, located just west of the Port Jefferson ferry (just to the left) or just East of the Port Jefferson Town boat launch (just to the right).  Parking at the meters at Danfords or anywhere else in Port Jefferson is also an option.
(see map)