Bass are here, what are you waiting for!!

Great day today catching bass.  Bass from 15in – 32″.  Friend of mine also reported catching a 20lber in the areas that I have been fishing.  biggest for me today was 15lbs.  I can tell you though , that I have seen some big fish on the sonar and that one of these times, I’ll get a 20 – 25+ lber.  Tried a few different areas today with two paying out.  This striped bass action right now will only last maybe another month in these areas.  If your serious about catching these beautiful fish, you should consider now because in the springtime they congregate in certain areas and they are more plentiful and easier to catch.  If you don’t go now, don’t worry, we can find them in other areas, it’s just a lot of fun to have so many hits, and so many times to have your rod bend.  private charter going out this coming Saturday.  Will report with pics and video too.

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