Season Soon To Start!

Fluking is fun for kids

With the mild winter and the warmer than usual water temps, fishing should begin sooner this year. Some reports of striped bass being caught in the New York Harbor/Hudson river area and we hopefully will be the next stop for these fish right after they spawn in the Hudson river. 50+ degree water and the fish will reproduce and then move out to the surrounding waters (long Island Sound both North and South shore) for the spring/summer/fall. Of course we have some Fluking coming up also. Water temps also need to rise steadily for the real feeding and catching to begin. Will be doing some reconnaissance of the area soon and keep everyone posted on what, where, when and how these fish are doing. Stay tuned in for up to date info. Follow me at twitter @ “charterfishPJ” and at facebook @ “charter fishing port Jefferson”.


Capt Eric

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